Marchi Cucine
Marchi Cucine

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Marchi Cucine

Continuous growth and evolution.
Since 1976.

“What we want to interpret
is not only a style, but a way of life,
in the maximum coherence between
what is outside each of us
and what we have inside.”

Gianluigi Marchi

Currently at the helm of Marchi Cucine is Flora Marchi. Following in her father's footsteps, she has soon become the company's new creative and directive reference point. Always in pursuit of the very high standards of quality and excellence that have always distinguished the brand, her efforts have already been focused on innovation, both in terms of design and of production. As successor to the creative mind of the Group, she has made the constant search for beauty that makes Marchi Cucine's designs so special her main focus. Her primary objective is therefore to breathe new life into a timeless lifestyle, all the while solidifying the success of a brand that truly represents ``Made in Italy`` in the world.

The creative mind of
the Marchi Group

“I want to preserve the connection with the land, which is our strength,
and nurture my passion for wood, creating kitchens where functionality and beauty meet.
Above all, I want to avoid commonplace by creating special environments.”

Gianluigi Marchi

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Marchi Cucine

S.S. n° 10 km. 234
26039 Vescovato CR – Italia
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