Marchi Cucine
Marchi Cucine

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Marchi Cucine

Always looking for
absolute quality.

There’s no form without content, no design without material.
We pay close attention when selecting the best materials for our kitchens, knowing they’re the core of their reliability and durability. Forty years of experience in the design and manufacturing of kitchens are the best guarantee for unique products.

Marchi Cucine

Looking for quality in each
and every centimeter of wood

Long-lasting quality.

Our kitchens are entirely manufactured in our factory, which ensures quality in every step, from planning to realization. We constantly invest in innovation: our new production lines optimize time and manufacturing costs with reduced environmental impact. Alongside our sophisticated machines stand experienced artisans with a keen eye for detail, the flag-bearers of our tradition.

Innovative tradition.

Our history is in constant evolution. Starting from a workshop, after forty year of hard work and passion we have become an industrial company to meet the demands of our customers. Optimal quality is assured by bridging craftsmen’s expertise with modern technology.

Furniture in the foreground.

Marchi Cucine kitchens are the result of a combination of fine materials, unique finishes and exclusive craftsmanship, all of which render them fundamental as decorative and functional landmarks of everyday life, always straying away from predictability, creating compositions with strong character and appeal.

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Marchi Cucine

S.S. n° 10 km. 234
26039 Vescovato CR – Italia
+39 0372 830350

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