Before choosing your home furniture, especially for your kitchen, you should consider which style is the perfect match between your personality and practical setting.
our classic bespoke kitchens are designed to fulfill your everyday life needs and are becoming ever more popular for they combine tradition with contemporary style.
if you are about to furnish your house and you want to go for a classic kitchen but you are afraid of ingumbrant, heavy, non-functional features, then you can choose among our selection of classic concept-based kitchens reinterpreted in an innovative, elegant way: bellagio, artis and montserrat.
our kitchens are classic and elegant at the same time; we pride ourselves on attention to detail. our kitchens are designed for space optimization and manufactured with solid finest materials to guarantee both timeless reliability and refined style.


Bellagio, artis and montserrat are highly customizable, handcrafted bespoke kitchens based on a combination of cabinets that makes it easy to fit also irregular rooms with niches and windows. the bases measure 60 cm and the cabinets 35 cm; the width ranges from 30 cm to 45, 60, 90 and for certain models, up to 120 cm. our modular solutions are designed to fit and adapt to any room specifications: from corner to linear kitchens, from island to horseshoe kitchens like montserrat.
all of our classic solutions share the same distinctive contemporary soul: bellagio, artis and montserrat feature minimal design; the linear design of our cabinet doors in particular, inspired by traditional patterns, makes them look extremely modern.

Classic character, modern functionality

Our new classic kitchens feature the same characteristics of all the collections manufactured by marchi cucine. we always try to deliver exclusive solutions by working on the aesthetics combined with the functionality required by our customers for their home kitchens.
even in classic kitchens, the counter remains a popular element for its ability to break the rules within the schematics of linear kitchens. classic kitchens with island are much more functional and practical: in artis and montserrat, the island can have the stove and the sink, whilst in bellagio it can be equipped with a large marble top, and provided with stools to make the kitchen a more social space.
in artis and bellagio, the counter comes available with open shelves with closed storage units; montserrat is equipped with the version “snack”: this counter allows you to operate face to the living area and makes it more comfortable considering today’s lifestyle habits.
also in our classic solutions the island is designed to be a connecting element especially in an open space, with the elegant classic kitchen facing the living.

New modular layouts in shades of white

By its very definition, the color white is expression of rationality and clarity, capable as it is to emphasize the purity of bases, units and cabinets. a color that widens your home space and the surface of your kitchen furniture, especially where walls and floors are also white.
white classic kitchens like artis, bellagio and montserrat can only play the leading role in your home space, and create a pleasant look and feel effect, especially in an open space.
also, if you wish to obtain a visual effect even more chic, you can break up the total white look by adding dark colors such as chalkboard, which emphasizes the modern reinterpretation of the classic style.