Marchi Cucine
Marchi Cucine

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Marchi Cucine

Unique collections.

Our modular kitchens are entirely made of wood, because we love quality, and are highly customizable, because customer satisfaction is our first priority. The Marchi collection is the result of hard work, dedication and attention to detail. A Marchi kitchen means choosing functionality, safety, ergonomics, high quality materials and innovative designs. Through a wide selection of styles, colors, finishes and configurations you can be sure to find the best solution for you. For this reason, a Marchi kitchen is like a custom-made suit. It lasts a lifetime.



The Philosophy collection was created to fully express the Marchi Cucine philosophy in all its facets, focusing on the quality of materials, craftsmanship and study of details.


Gusto Italiano

The common thread linking these models is Italian creativity, a trait for which we are known throughout the world.


New Classic

Result of research and evolution of classic lines, revisited in contemporary living, in which material texture plays a leading role.


Vintage Style

Ideas, fusion between past and present, memory and spontaneity. We create kitchens that reflect us and our history.


Life Stories

Avoid the ordinary through design and creativity, an exclusive journey in search for exceptional furnishing.


Country Chic

Country tradition lives on in homes, combining craftsmanship and technology within simple and sophisticated environments.