Design, food, art are part of our culture, nourishing our imagination. The key word that unites them is Italian creativity, that force that has made us great in the world. To be inspired by it, means to reaffirm the values of a reality that is craft manufacturing capacity on the one hand and excellence of industrial production on the other.
In #GUSTOITALIANO the brand is told through Brera76, Lab40, Bellagio and Artis, presenting compositions to which the definitions of the most pretentious design are narrow, expression of a Made in Italy that evokes harmony, lived atmospheres and spaces to live without restrictions.
Timeless kitchens that make the past and the future dialogue, able to live in houses all over the world, making everyone find their own style.



The italian creative genius, the point of strength that made us so popular all over the world, is the key concept that brings together our works