Furnishing the modern kitchen:

Tips and suggestions

Nowadays people spend more and more time in the kitchen, a hybrid space that often merges into the living room creating an unbroken succession of functions. as a result, deciding how to furnish this environment is becoming increasingly important in terms of both the style and choice of cabinets.

Choosing to furnish our kitchen in the modern style normally entails some compromises, especially when it comes to the materials used to manufacture the cabinets.
The modern style requires the use of innovative materials – synthetic multi-ply or mixed synthetic-natural materials – that look decidedly modern and appealing but lack the premium quality and warmth offered by a wooden kitchen.

We at marchi cucine have gone against the grain by blending the modern style with the quality of wood, in the quest to create solid wood modular kitchens that are at once modern yet practical. lab40 and brera 76 stem from this approach.
Our modern kitchens are also designed to satisfy the most diverse contemporary home living needs, while easily resolving any problems related to
Cabinet size and spaces; the dimensions of the room or its architectural features must not hinder the creation of a modern-style, trendy kitchen.

designing your modern kitchen, there are some important aspects that you should always keep in mind:


Each kitchen must be a comfortable and safe space for people to inhabit. The space must be designed according to zones, interspersed with worktops, and based on pre-defined distances. this allows for identifying the storage, washing and cooking areas, but also for arranging the cabinets in a practical and perfectly organised manner. For this reason we privilege the modularity of sectional kitchens that adequately suits our concept of a modern and functional kitchen.
In a truly modern kitchen, all the elements are properly distributed and the accessories allotted to a specific place, to avoid having to move around continuously: the space must be organised rationally and ergonomically in order to simplify daily gestures.


When deciding to furnish a kitchen, it is important to consider the type of arrangement to be adopted. The linear kitchen is among the most common choices, especially for compact spaces or when only one wall is available: the tall units containing the household appliances ensure considerable space saving. The corner kitchen is instead recommended if two walls are available, because it allows for customising the furniture’s arrangement and also guarantees lots of space that can be accessorised for storage purposes.

Lastly, the kitchen with peninsula is a compositional solution equally suited to large environments or small rooms: in this case, it is important to consider the dimensions of the operating space and rationally arrange the wall in front of the peninsula. The peninsula connects the various elements and comes in various forms, ranging from the square-shaped model to the softer, rounded versions. It can be used as a small table for quick snacks or arranged as a food preparation zone.

Pivotal elements of modern kitchen decoration, our work benches can be used for cutting, chopping and kneading, but are also ideal for eating a quick lunch. These practical elements create original configurations and can be completed with the broad range of stools designed by marchi cucine.


A contemporary kitchen project also involves the choice of materials making up the various elements. the large-size cabinets are made of solid wood, which is the predominant material. In our modern kitchens, wood is worked by blending ancient artisan traditions and sophisticated industrial techniques. It is not the only material used for modern furniture, as it also features alongside reclaimed wood, steel and other metal alloys for carcases and details, cement or eco-mortars for tops, and processed glass to obtain special handcrafted textures and finishes.


The choice of colour is another factor to consider when creating a modern kitchen. similarly, the dimensions of the room and the colour of its walls and floor should also be considered, in order to create a harmonious environment in which to work. If the kitchen merges visually into the living room, choosing the right colour becomes even more crucial.
Generally speaking, the most sophisticated and elegant nuances are the darkest ones, which are suitable for broad rooms or open-space solutions; lighter nuances add brightness and warmth to the environment, while graphite black is the preferred choice for a neo-industrial effect.
In brera 76 solid wood blends, for example, with the graphite finish, while in lab40 it is enhanced thanks to the rosso anniversario red finish. another option is the absolute purity of white, which emphasises space and instantly evokes contemporaneity, cleanliness and rationality; in fact, for several years it has been a constant feature of modern kitchens. choosing one of our modern kitchens also means having an extensive range of modern monochrome lacquered finishes to choose from and defying any limit to create a decidedly personal style.


As we saw in the post dedicated to linings and floors, these elements play a crucial role and they must be chosen with careful attention. To add character to a modern kitchen, the best materials that combine properties such as resistance to wear, impermeability and hygiene with visually striking textures include porcelain stoneware, cement, steel, slate and zamak.